Taiwan airport



Just completed a 14 hour flight from SFO and presently in Taiwan airport for a three hour layover befor the last leg of our trip into phnom pen. Posting some photo of the airport


20130222-070854.jpgwoke up with a touch of the flu. Terrible to have on a full flight with lines to the bathroom


20130222-071539.jpg Check out the beautiful garden wall. These are actually plants placed in pots and hung on walls of the airport. So creative. Also took a photo of one of the tech stores in the airport. So many people it reminds me of the Apple Store at Arden fair.
Additionally I posted a photo all the airport declaring that this is the year of the snake. So take heed “year of the snake!”

So here’s how the trip start

My dog has gotten into my goodie bag all the special treats and they’re gone. He actually jumped up on my dresser and pulled the bag down and proceeded to help himself. And by the way after eating all of that he’s currently meandering around the house looking for more. Absolutely unbelievable now I have to go out and buy some more treats!!!